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Loving Through the Hurt

Posted by Pastor Chris White on

At times we find it difficult to love because we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable in previous relationship and found ourselves disappointed left holding the bag as others took our love for granted. It is in these moments that we say we will never love like that again.

God has some experience in this area. He so loved this world that He sent His Son to die for it. That’s love, He thought it was worth the death of His Son to save this world. His loved was unanswered by many, abused by some and even rejected by most. That’s true love when you send your Son to die for a world and you know the overwhelming majority of people will not even give Him a thought. However, the truth is He did it for those that would say yes to Him not for the rejection of others. The few that said yes were worth the pain of the masses that walked away, so learn to love again.  There are people in this world that will greatly appreciate you for it. We can’t worry about those that are unworthy or easily reject the authenticity of our love… Learn to love again, it is worth it. Your love may save a life. Learn to Love again.


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